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Whether you've taken kratom before, or recently heard about this wonderful plant. One thing you'll quickly realize is that not all kratom products are created equal. There are many online vendors that offer kratom but aren't forthcoming with their lab results or kratom reviews. Today more than ever it is imperative that you research the kratom vendor you're going to purchase from, and the best way to do that is to check for their online kratom reviews and/or Google reviews.

Additionally, authentic kratom reviews can help you learn which kratom strains are most effective for your intended purposes. The kratom reviews left by other customers such as yourself can be informational, but understand the effects may vary due to many factors, such as experience with kratom, or being under the effects of other stimulants.  

In this page, we share our authentic kratom reviews designed to give customers genuine product feedback from fellow shoppers. SOL Botanicals has a zero tolerance policy for any kratom review designed to mislead or manipulate customers.

None of our kratom reviews are curated in any way, shape, or form; they're authentic statements from our amazing customer base that voluntarily provide their feedback. Good, bad, or neutral, we love all the kratom reviews. The good ones give us joy in knowing our product is being enjoyed as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and the bad or neutral ones give us an opportunity for improvement and a chance to make it right by you. 

Based on 44 reviews
Great product

I am a amputee and have severe pain in my back and legs. This product is wonderful for pain relief


I love this stuff has help me so much, for my chronic pains . I’m more focus and have less anxiety. Will continue to use and share my experience with family.

Good quality!

Fast shipping & exceptional quality!

Great Product

Sol botanical is the best not only did my order arrive but there was a free gift also. Good people good product!

Easy to ingest with food

If taken in small doses I experienced pain reduction and clarity of mind, it didn’t make me sleepy and helped with my nerve pain

White Borneo Kratom Capsules

The White Borneo Kratom is a perfect fit for everything. It gives you energy, relieves pain and is also a mood stabilizer. It you have tried other strains and it's not quite right...give this strain a try. Sol Botanicals....we are a customer for life..and the customer service is excellent!!! Thank you

Great Item

Thi is a really good item and it works for me.. will buy again...

Helps with Depression

It helps me go through the day and I love that this is an herb/natural herb and I dont need to take any anti-depressant

Green maeng da capsules are wonderful!

These capsules are wonderful! Great quality and I can always count on them to help boost my mood and take away any aches and pains I might be having.

Very nice

These are a great mood booster. I just tried them for the first time and I think I will order these from now on

Amazing white borneo

Nice and mellow!

Very good

I enjoy these a lot . Very nice mood booster.

Awesome Product

I took two Green Maeng Da Kratom, before working out and the knee and joint pain that I normally experience was gone. It also gave me an incredible amount of energy. I'm trying the white strain next.. Thanks SOL Botanica. I'm a customer for life!!!!

Very good for headaches

IT works great for my headache!

Not sure

First time user! I'm finding that none of the methods i found online of how to take it I'm okay with. The the capsules are probably a better option. And it didn't didn't give me the effects described for the white kratom. Actually didn't really enjoy the effects I received from it. I purchased a variety pack of the red green and white. I made tea with the white and it wasn't happy with how it affected me and now I'm too leery to even try the red or the green. It doesn't mean it's a bad product I'm just an inexperienced is still trying to learn the best methods and which strain I like best

Best Customer Service Ever

Our order arrived before time. It's not quite the Strain we need, my husband suffers from pain & low energy, but they are working with us to find the right fit. How awesome is that!!!! And thank you so much.

Decent kratom, red gel caps

Kratom isn't bad but why do they need to dye the tablets?

Thanks for your review. The capsule coloring is not a dye; just a differentiator of strain colors. However, we listen to our customers and our new capsules, as you can see in the 120 capsules, are now clear. Thank you for being a valued customer.

White Borneo is da bomb! Great stuff

This is the first time I have ordered from SOL Botanicals. Great company and great products. I am in love with the Premium White Borneo capsules. They give me a boost of positive energy. I will be only ordering from here and recommend them to everyone!

This pill is better than any narcotics

I heard about kratom from a friend. I have RA its a form of crippling arthritis. And this pill has helped me in so many ways,im more focused and my pain level is about a 3 now. I will buy it every month now.

This pill has changed my life!

I heard about Kratom from a friend! I was in a bad reck,and broke my leg and also ha RA! Its a bone crippling form of arthritis. I'm amazed at how well this worked on my pain and as well my forces! I will keep buying this ,it works better than narcotics ! Strongly recommended 👌

Not sure about dosage

It would be helpful if there was a way to know how much to take. If you go by the powder measurement you can take up to 3tsp but if you measure that out per pill you would be taking something like 25 of them. I still haven't found the magic spot yet but I'm trying.

Hi Melissa, thank you for your question. Depending on your level of experience with Kratom it could be anywhere from 4-6 capsules. Each capsule is a half gram, so in a single serving we wouldn't suggest to go above 4grams unless you're an experienced Kratom user. We hope this helps, please feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

Small capsules

I immediately noticed that the caps were smaller than others, .5mg not 1.5-2g. Although they are somewhat effective and reasonably priced. The Red Borneo caps were dyed red capsules. Kind of deceptive.

Great Product

Clean feeling and very effective for mood boost

Great Product

Great product with clean feel

Great Product

Great products and great customer service